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Lets take it from the top shall we?


It all started at a very young age.   I was fascinated with mermaids I think it all started with a mermaid that was little and ever since ever I've been obsessed with mermaids glitter and all things fabulous with a dream of becoming a entrepreneur and creating my brand I knew that a Mermaid would be apart of my logo and signature thing I am a inventor, writer,artist , and all around creator.

With a love of make up and makeovers I set out on a mission to bring to all my mermaids new innovative and fun cosmetics with great pigmentation my LED light with mirror are made with a purpose and social cause all of my products are vegan and cruelty free being a animal lover and mother of two shitzus that was the first thing on my mind when creating any and all of my products . My makeup is not tested on animals there tested on mermaids… and they approve. So I welcome you into the family and become honoree mermaid or merman theres more to come so stay tuned

mermaid kisses and lipgloss ™


xoxo Diana



Mission Statement


join my nation of mermaids
how you mermaid ing 
Mermaid kisses and lipgloss ™ 
Not tested on animals tested on mermaids…and they approve





They are 9mil .30 floz The largest container of its kind every mermaid needs each color in their wardrobe for every occasion in their life. You can take the lip glossed from day to  night with subtle to build able color. The moisturizing formulation keeps your lips smooth and moisturized long after you wipe it off. All Diana NYC cosmetic are vegan and cruelty free. You can take the look with the gloss from day to night.

With our on /off switch on the top of the container you have the freedom to put the LED light on whenever you like. This Lipgloss is designed with our Mermaids in mind with our built in mirror andLed light built right in to the bottle you can have easy and precise application weather your parting at the club with your Mermaids, or are out to lunch with them or just need our LED Light to act as a flashlight to find something in your purse, open your door, or just light the way.



Cruelty Free and Vegan



Model Photos


All model photos were taken by Celebrity photographer Antoine Verglas and shot on location in the Hamptons. Sea mermaids are real!